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Here’s why you should’ve winterized your irrigation system standard

Ok, ok I know you’re all about sick of my preaching on this subject of #winterizingyourirrigationsystem BUT here’s what happens when you don’t: When water freezes and changes to ice, it expands. This expansion is the real problem. If the depth of the frost reaches the sprinkler system components, the expanding ice may cause cracks in various parts of the sprinkler system. If your #irrigationsystem was properly installed in Georgia at the recommended depth it is less likely that your pipes will experience breaks due to this cold. But ‘less likely’ doesn’t mean it can’t and won’t happen, as the ground gets hard and cold anything can happen with that pressure then expansion with warm up. Remember, your sprinkler heads ...

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Irrigation Atlanta: hours of below freezing temps standard

Yes, believe it or not this is what weather forecasters are saying as this next blast of cold air comes to Georgia. From Monday to Wednesday, we will experience almost 60 hours of below freezing temps. If you haven’t #winterized your #irrigationsystem yet, you may find #irrigationrepairs are in your future. Because you never know what metro Atlanta winters will bring, that’s why we highly recommend winterization of your #irrigationsystem. If you haven’t winterized yet because you remember our mild winter last year, it’s not too late to try to be proactive and prevent damage from this crazy winter weather! If you don’t heed the warning you may find this come springtime: Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: What exactly is winterization? standard

When we do a typical winterization on an #irrigationsystem that we installed, we utilize compressed air to blow out all water from the pipes, valves and heads so that water doesn’t freeze and create cracked heads, valves or pipes. This is the best method to winterize your irrigation system. When we install an irrigation system, we also install a blow out valve to allow ease of winterization and complete blow-out. Many systems are not equipped for this method, in those cases you could add a winterization valve for convenience. Or use another traditional winterization technique such as running the water out of the system. This is not the optimum method, however, and should only be done by an irrigation professional ...

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Irrigation Atlanta: Winterization standard

If you’ve put off winterizing your irrigation system, don’t let the warm weather fool you – Now is the time to finalize your irrigation system #winterization. We hear a lot that “I’ve never winterized before.” Since you never know what kind of weather we will have in Atlanta, we recommend winterizing your sprinkler system and as an irrigation system gets older, they tend to become more fragile and prone to weather related problems. Don’t take a chance and winterize your irrigation system to avoid expensive repairs this spring! Please like & share:

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Most irrigation companies in Atlanta offer maintenance contracts to maintain your irrigation system just like your landscaper keeps your lawn maintained. An irrigation maintenance contract is an excellent way to be sure your irrigation system stays in tip top shape and is often less expensive than separate services. Our combined maintenance contract includes winterization shut down of your system and spring start up to get your system up and running properly the next year. Please like & share:

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