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Irrigation Atlanta: hours of below freezing temps standard

Yes, believe it or not this is what weather forecasters are saying as this next blast of cold air comes to Georgia. From Monday to Wednesday, we will experience almost 60 hours of below freezing temps. If you haven’t #winterized your #irrigationsystem yet, you may find #irrigationrepairs are in your future. Because you never know what metro Atlanta winters will bring, that’s why we highly recommend winterization of your #irrigationsystem. If you haven’t winterized yet because you remember our mild winter last year, it’s not too late to try to be proactive and prevent damage from this crazy winter weather! If you don’t heed the warning you may find this come springtime: Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: 3 Reasons to Winterize standard

Here ya go – the biggest question I get right now is “why should I winterize my lawn sprinkler system here in Georgia?” 1. Pipes can crack if they freeze when filled with water. 2. Similarly the pipe fittings can crack. 3. Valves and anti-siphon devices can also be affected. These are the most expensive parts. For some parts, especially those made of metal, the affects of alternately freezing and thawing are cumulative. You may get by for years and then something breaks. I’ve seen this particularly with galvanized pipe. It seems to hold strong for years Please like & share:

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