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Irrigation Atlanta: Get SMART during Smart Irrigation Month standard

It’s time to get smart about your outdoor watering! It all starts with a properly designed and install sprinkler system, when combined with water efficient products, such as pressure regulated heads, smart controllers, ET systems, etc, you’ll have the beautiful lawn you’ve always dreamed of without a huge monthly water bill! If you already have an irrigation system, don’t forget those routine inspections and making adjustments for landscape changes that occur over time such as plant growth. It’s never too late to start being smart when watering. Please like & share:

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New Irrigation Systems; Before and After standard

So you are scared about trenching in your new irrigation system? Trenching allows us to provide the most stable environment for your irrigation pipes. Also, proper mounding and back-filling of your irrigation trench lines is the hardest part of your new irrigation install but will prevent ruts in the future. While it is not attractive and there are more attractive options such as “pulling pipe” or “trenchless” installation, trenching your irrigation lines allows us to see where your irrigation pipes are laying, ensuring an even and clean place for the pipes, and to be sure that the pipes are not up against items could that damage them in the future such as roots or rocks which Please like & share:

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Lawn Sprinklers standard

If you are considering a new irrigation system, be sure that your irrigation company informs you about all the options available to meet your specific needs. Water saving products, easy to use automatically controllers and also make sure they explain the benefits to you of each products so you can make a good choice. Irrigation is an investment and it is important you are provided with all the information you need to make an informed choice. Please like & share:

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