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Fall/Winter is the best time to install irrigation standard

Fall & Winter are excellent times of the year to install a new irrigation system and it is our policy to winterize your system when it is installed in the fall. You’ll be ahead of the curve when you install a new outdoor sprinkler system in the fall beating the spring rush! And with the intrusive nature of irrigation, you’re lawn will have plenty of time to recover and you’ll typically see very little evidence of the new irrigation system installation. Please like & share:

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Plan Ahead: Install Irrigation Early standard

By looks of the forecast this coming weekend, Spring could be upon us before we know it! We are getting more and more calls from persons requesting quotes for new irrigation and lighting systems. Spring is one of the busiest times of year for irrigation companies and most of us start preparing early in anticipation of the Spring rush. Now is an excellent time to get started if you are considering having an irrigation system installed and get a head start on Spring. Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: #Fall New Irrigation Systems #BlowOut standard

Did you know our standard new irrigation system come with a “blow-out” or “winterization” valve (sometimes located as part of the back flow) for ease in winterizing your new irrigation system? This small addition to your irrigation system allows us to properly winterize your system by blowing it out with compressed air which helps to prevent damage to your irrigation system during the freezing winter. We do this even on new Fall Irrigation Installs to prevent the damage winter can cause. Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: SURPRISE Drought is over? standard

Yes true – and I’m sure you aren’t surprised. The long term drought is over for MOST of Georgia. There is a tiny smidgen along the coast that is still in the lowest category of abnormally dry. What is the outlook from here on? The Climate Prediction Center says that area along the coast will remain dry and even invokes some areas of the southern metro Atlanta area and central Georgia into the mix on the drier note through the end of March. Many didn’t use their #irrigationsystems at all or very limitedly last year here in metro Atlanta due to all the rain. Again, could we have ever prediction the drought of 2008 and floods of the fall of ...

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