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How to winterize your lawn sprinklers? #IrrigationAtlanta standard

A common question for those with yard, garden, or lawn irrigation systems. There are several things that must be done to winterize a sprinkler system. Since most systems don’t use auto-drain valves, we are just going to address those types of systems. If your system does not use auto-drain valves, then an air compressor must be used to blow the water out of the zones. Turn off the main water supply to the sprinkler system, and hook up an air compressor to the system. Pressurize the tank to about 60 psi and then open on of the valves manually. Run that station for 2 to 3 minutes to allow all the water to be removed from the system. Shut that ...

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Irrigation Atlanta: Methods of #Winterization standard

There are several effective methods for winterizing or draining water from your irrigation system to prevent damage during the freezing winter temperatures…Manual Drain Method, Automatic Drain Method and Blow Out. The preferred method is blow out as it is the most effective in clearing water from the irrigation pipe and valves. It is also equally important open and close the ball valve (if so equipped) to allow any water to escape the back flow device and prevent damage to your back flow device which is one of the more costly repairs to your irrigation system. Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta : Our most popular irrigation question this time of year standard

Every year, this time of year, this is by far our most asked question: “Do I REALLY need to winterize my irrigation system in Georgia?” The answer is YES! More and more customer’s come to us in the Spring saying “I wish I had winterized but I didn’t see why it mattered here in Georgia.” These folks are not alone. We’ve had 2 harsh winters back to back and folks are finding that winterizing is a small cost compared to the cost compared with the repairs that are needed after damage caused by an unpredictable Atlanta winter! Please like & share:

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#IrrigationAtlanta November Weather Predictions & Freeze damage standard

Have you done your winter #irrigation shutdown yet? Weather forecasters predict a colder than normal November by approximately 5 degrees. And I think the first weekend of November, proved how quickly it can get cold and without a lot of warning. A freeze of a few hours typically doesn’t do damage to an #irrigationsystem or at least anything substantial. But those freezes that last for several hours as and into the day time hours are the most harmful. Even if the temp is just below freezing!! Don’t take a chance and invest a small amount now to protect you big this winter!   Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: It’s time to Winterize!! standard

Yes it is that time of year again. We answer so many questions about whether or not winterization is necessary here in metro Atlanta. YES! Why you ask when most pipes are well below the frost line? That is true in MOST cases but not all. And other components such as the valves and heads are exposed to the cold air. Regardless of the frost line, water freezes quite easily in those components. And, if we have the winter predicted, your pipes could be at risk too. When we winterize your irrigation system,  we blow out your system completely to clear any water that may freeze and thus cause damage. Please like & share:

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