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Irrigation Repair Specialist say Update Your Old System! standard

All irrigation or lawn sprinkler equipment is not the same. As our industry has encouraged water efficiency, manufacturers have also begun manufacturing more water efficient equipment including simple changes including check valves in sprinkler heads and sensors (ET and soil). If your irrigation system is more than 5 years old, the advances since 2010 are quite remarkable and yo could save hundreds with a few minor tweaks to your lawn sprinkler system. Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: No bait and switch on our charges standard

we don’t try the “bait n switch” tactic at Millenium Irrigation when it comes to pricing for our service calls. You pay a ‘service’ fee that is fixed – with no time equivalent. Many irrigation companies in Atlanta say “we have no service fee” when in the fine print on their advertisements or website – it says ‘one hour minimum at $100/hour.’ Trust me when I tell you that no reputable irrigation repair company is going to come out for free no matter how much they may make you believe they are. We are honest and transparent with our fixed rate pricing which our customers have come to appreciate over the years. No surprises. No watching the clock. Your satisfaction ...

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Irrigation Atlanta: Put off repairs…due them before the main spring rush hits!! standard

Did you not use your #irrigationsystem as much this past spring and summer due to all the rainfall? But you did notice you needed some repairs and just have put those off until the spring to see what the weather brings? Making those #irrigationrepairs now could avoid a ‘crisis’ situation in the spring – after you plant those new spring flowers, for instance – you’re going to need that water and since the spring is our busiest time of year you could experience delays. Making those repairs now will ensure that when the time comes, your irrigation system will be working at it’s best. Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: Are professional Spring Start Ups really necessary? standard

Short answer: No A professional Spring Start Up of your irrigation system in Atlanta isn’t necessary but a best practice. Just like changing the oil on your car or rotating your tires. And, while many may do this themselves, the non-car-experts, look to professionals to do more complex maintenance on their cars. And, you should look to us, your Atlanta irrigation professional, for your Spring irrigation start up. Please like & share:

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