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No Better Time Than Fall For Your New Irrigation System standard

Get Your new irrigation system now you often save money and reap the benefits come spring. Once spring, well, “springs.” we are covered up with calls for repairs, spring start ups and installs. Beat the rush by installing your new irrigation system this fall. We event include complimentary winterization on all new installs done this time of year. And you’ll also find that comes the Spring when your warm season grasses recover, you likely won’t notice much different. Please like & share:

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Maintenance Mondays: Irrigation Atlanta standard

Not only can participating in annual maintenance on your ensure that your sprinkler system is working properly but it got also ward off costly and emergency repairs. Just signing up for Millenium Irrigation’s Annual Maintenance will save you over $50 annually if you have a Spring Start Up and Winter Shut Down performed and we also adjust your sprinkler heads, inspect your system and set up your irrigation clock (controller) for watering using our experience in water management. Give us a call today to get on board to saving lots of $$. Please like & share:

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Irrigation Repair, Backflow Prevention #Irrigation #Atlanta standard

So you’ve started using your sprinkler system again since the rain has backed off and all of a sudden it won’t stop running. First locate your separate irrigation shut off or or double check backflow preventor which would allow you to turn your system off in the event of a “water” emergency like this. And if you aren’t familar with where these parts are or if you even have them, ask your irrigation professional to show you so that you can avoid an expensive emergency irrigation repair call!! Your only solution if you don’t know or don’t have a shut off (or backflow preventer that shuts off water to your irrigation system) is to shut off the water to your ...

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Irrigation Atlanta: Overseeding standard

Thinking of overseeding this fall? If you do most experts recommend you keep the first 1/2″ of the ground moist until the grass has sprouted to at least 1.5″. There are many factors that go into the exact amount of water needed but this is a good general rule. Be careful not to over water as the new seeds could rot and not germinate. AND the same applies when the grass has matured somewhat. Applying just the right amount of water ensuring the grass is being properly supplied water from the root system can be tricky depending on soil type, shade, slope of the area as well as weather related factors. Ask your irrigation professional to help you out with ...

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Irrigation Atlanta….get ready for fall standard

Don’t let this little bit of rainy weather fool you. Anyone who has lived in Georgia knows it could stop tomorrow… If you often do fall planting or are thinking about doing so this year, make sure your irrigation system is ready so if this rainy pattern changes comes fall, you aren’t left in a watering jam!! Now is the time to make sure your irrigation system is ready come fall because, again, you never know what September weather will bring!! Please like & share:

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