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Irrigation Atlanta: Farmers Almanac April, May Weather predictions standard

APRIL 2017: temperature 64° (1° above avg.); precipitation 2″ (1″ below avg.); Apr 1-3: Showers, then sunny, cool; Apr 4-13: Showers, then sunny, warm; Apr 14-18: Rainy periods, cool; Apr 19-24: Sunny, turning warm; Apr 25-30: T-storms, then sunny, cool. MAY 2017: temperature 69° (2° below avg.); precipitation 4.5″ (avg. north, 2″ above south); May 1-5: T-storms, then sunny, cool; May 6-11: Scattered t-storms, cool; May 12-22: A few t-storms, cool; May 23-31: T-storms, then sunny, cool. Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: Get your new irrigation system this fall…here’s why you should! standard

Get Your new irrigation system now you often save money and reap the benefits come spring. Once spring, well, “springs.” we are covered up with calls for repairs, spring start ups and installs. Beat the rush by installing your new irrigation system this fall. We event include complimentary winterization on all new installs done this time of year. And you’ll also find that comes the Spring when your warm season grasses recover, you likely won’t notice much different. Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: #SmartIrrigationMonth Watering Wisely Tips standard

Water Wisely Today’s irrigation systems include sophisticated controllers that allow you to easily adjust watering schedules to fit different needs. Get in the zone. Schedule each individual zone in your irrigation system to account for type of sprinkler, sun or shade exposure, and soil in that section. Different zones will almost always need different watering schedules. Consider soil type. Type of soil determines how quickly water can be absorbed without runoff. Watering more than soil can absorb causes runoff and waste. Don’t send water down the drain. Set sprinklers to water plants, not your driveway, sidewalk, patio or buildings. Water only when needed. Saturate root zones and let the soil dry. Watering too much and too frequently results in shallow ...

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Irrigation Atlanta: Drought Update standard

Despite some rainfall south of interstates 85 and 20, a drought remains in parts of north Georgia. You can see this from the found map at http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/Home/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?GA. We remain a under the Georgia Water Stewardship Act for outdoor watering purposes, and there are currently no variances to the state law outdoor watering schedule. You can learn more about the outdoor watering schedule on our Facebook page. Please like & share:

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