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No Better Time Than Fall For Your New Irrigation System standard

Get Your new irrigation system now you often save money and reap the benefits come spring. Once spring, well, “springs.” we are covered up with calls for repairs, spring start ups and installs. Beat the rush by installing your new irrigation system this fall. We event include complimentary winterization on all new installs done this time of year. And you’ll also find that comes the Spring when your warm season grasses recover, you likely won’t notice much different. Please like & share:

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$$$ Save With Annual Maintenance $$$ standard

Not only can participating in annual maintenance on your ensure that your sprinkler system is working properly but it got also ward off costly and emergency repairs. Just signing up for Millenium Irrigation’s Annual Maintenance will save you over $50 annually if you have a Spring Start Up and Winter Shut Down performed and we also adjust your sprinkler heads, inspect your system and set up your irrigation clock (controller) for watering using our experience in water management. Give us a call today to get on board to saving lots of $$. Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: 30 days of weather standard

A little hint of fall in the air in the early morning hours! With that we often find you guys become more and more interested in various weather predictions to helping you with planting and planning! A hot start. A mid-month slight cool down and increase in rain chances and by the end of the month high temps may dip back into the upper 70s to lower 80s. Don’t get too excited yet. We have a long way to go! Please like & share:

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Irrigation Warranties standard

A Warranty is typically given for a period of time on new irrigation installations but if the irrigation company that installs your system can’t back up the Warranty then it’s useless to you. We receive many calls each week from customers who cannot locate the company that installed their sprinkler system. They were promised a warranty and the company is no longer in business or not reachable. It is important and it is going to save you money in the long run if you have problems. An irrigation professional will provide good service after the sale including resolution of problems that may arise as well as tweaking your system to ensure that your irrigation system is working at it’s best. ...

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