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Winterization and then some… standard

Winterizing your sprinklers is just one part of ongoing care for your sprinkler system. Possibly an even more helpful service is the Spring Start Up. That service activates the sprinkler system by closing drain valves, turning the water on, and then cleaning and adjusting the sprinklers as needed. If the sprinklers are not cleaned and adjusted regularly, sprinkler system performance will deteriorate. This is also an excellent time to do any needed repairs just before the watering season begins. With our Annual Maintenance Plan you get both your winterization service and Spring Start Up for a reduced price thereby ensuring your sprinkler system will work at it’s very best for many years to come. Please like & share:

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#IrrigationAtlanta November Weather Predictions & Freeze damage standard

Have you done your winter #irrigation shutdown yet? Weather forecasters predict a colder than normal November by approximately 5 degrees. And I think the first weekend of November, proved how quickly it can get cold and without a lot of warning. A freeze of a few hours typically doesn’t do damage to an #irrigationsystem or at least anything substantial. But those freezes that last for several hours as and into the day time hours are the most harmful. Even if the temp is just below freezing!! Don’t take a chance and invest a small amount now to protect you big this winter!   Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: What exactly is winterization? standard

When we do a typical winterization on an #irrigationsystem that we installed, we utilize compressed air to blow out all water from the pipes, valves and heads so that water doesn’t freeze and create cracked heads, valves or pipes. This is the best method to winterize your irrigation system. When we install an irrigation system, we also install a blow out valve to allow ease of winterization and complete blow-out. Many systems are not equipped for this method, in those cases you could add a winterization valve for convenience. Or use another traditional winterization technique such as running the water out of the system. This is not the optimum method, however, and should only be done by an irrigation professional ...

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