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Irrigation Atlanta: Get your new irrigation system this fall…here’s why you should! standard

Get Your new irrigation system now you often save money and reap the benefits come spring. Once spring, well, “springs.” we are covered up with calls for repairs, spring start ups and installs. Beat the rush by installing your new irrigation system this fall. We event include complimentary winterization on all new installs done this time of year. And you’ll also find that comes the Spring when your warm season grasses recover, you likely won’t notice much different. Please like & share:

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Irrigation Atlanta: New Installs, Questions to ask your contractor standard

There are many steps that go into having a new irrigation system installed. Before the actual work begins and you are trying to select the right contractor for your needs, you need to ask the following questions: 1-BACKFLOW DEVICE: Ask the contractor if they install a double check back flow or a dual check back flow device? (Remember we have determined that the dual check back flow does not allow for proper protection from contaminants). 2-WINTERIZATION VALVE: Ask if they install a winterization or “blow out” valve. (Millenium installs a brass hose bib to use for winterizing or blowing out your irrigation system.) 3-WARRANTY: How long is it? Does it cover materials and workmanship? Is the warranty in writing? 4-COVERAGE: ...

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Plan Ahead: Install Irrigation Early standard

By looks of the forecast this coming weekend, Spring could be upon us before we know it! We are getting more and more calls from persons requesting quotes for new irrigation and lighting systems. Spring is one of the busiest times of year for irrigation companies and most of us start preparing early in anticipation of the Spring rush. Now is an excellent time to get started if you are considering having an irrigation system installed and get a head start on Spring. Please like & share:

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