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Outdoor Lighting: Early darkness & Safety standard

With the time change, the early darkness means that many of us are coming home to a dark home. Simple accent lighting on your home, walkways, bushes, trees can not only add beauty but increase safety and detour criminal activity. Light is absolutely the number one deterrent of criminal activity!! Don’t forget we offer free estimates for outdoor lighting w/high quality LED products that use less energy and last longer. Please like & share:

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Atlanta Landscape Lighting IDEAS!! standard

Landscape lighting can be used in all kinds of ways but let’s talk about it from a “design” perspective. Use landscape lighting to create borders, add visual interest or add color (yes color!). For instance, consider uplighting surrounding trees instead of path lighting to make things more interesting. Also, lighting up your hardscape or water features is a nice way to add lighting to your home. Another idea is creating shadows with your lighting…shadows create interest as much as lighting!! Please like & share:

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Landscape Lights: Lakes, Docks standard

We also offer speciality outdoor, low voltage lighting fixtures for properties located on lakes such as Lake Spivey, Lake Dow and some of the other surrounding area lakes. Utilizing outdoor lighting along your lake home can not only make it safer for boaters and swimmers but will provide a fantastic glow after the sun has set. Consider dock lighting and wall lighting as well on your lakefront home. Please like & share:

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