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When it comes to irrigation repair, it takes a substantial amount of knowledge about irrigation systems and how they work to do the job right. At Millenium Irrigation, LLC, we have over twelve years of experience repairing all types of irrigation systems regardless of age or manufacturer as well as the experience needed to correct your irrigation repair problem effectively and affordably.

We also specialize in evaluating your irrigation system and offering you ways to increase the overall efficiency of the irrigation system and, thereby, save you money. The newest water efficient lawn sprinklers will bring your system into the 21st century and help to provide even watering beautifying your landscape.

When our experienced technician arrives at your home, he will perform a thorough run-thru and diagnose your irrigation system problem. Next, we will make recommendations for the repairs necessary to get your system operating at its’ very best. Based upon our review and diagnosis of your irrigation system, our Service Technician will provide you with the cost to make those repairs before getting to work on your irrigation system problem. Because we use “flat-task” pricing, which our customers have told us over the years makes the costs easy to understand, we can give you an accurate cost to make your repairs.

Our trucks also come fully equipped with most of the materials necessary to make your repair the same day.

We charge a $89 simple service fee which includes system diagnosis (excluding electrical troubleshooting), all sprinkler head adjustments and reprogramming of your controller, when necessary.

To schedule your repair appointment, simply give us a call at 404-567-1108 or fill in the Contact Us Form below.

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