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Are you really wanting a new irrigation system but want to “side step” to get the system in a certain budget? By “side step” I mean saying “can we skip the rain sensor?” “Do I really need a doublecheck backflow preventor?” “Can I buy the parts to save money?” All really good questions or concerns but the state requires backflow prevention and a rain sensor. Do you need a double check backflow preventor – yes. A dual check, while much cheaper, is not meant to be used in a potentially toxic situation (i.e., fertilizer backflow) and is not testable. Rain Sensor – yes – the state requires it – period. Sure you can also buy the parts but there are ...

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Sod and Irrigation standard

If your thinking about new sod and have an existing irrigation system, test it before you lay the sod to ensure it’s working properly. This time of year irrigation companies in Atlanta tend to get backed up and you might find yourself in a not so favorable situation ofr irrigation repair in Atlanta. If you don’t have an existing irrigation system, plan to have your system installed before the sod is laid. This seems logical but many customers I’m coming across this season are thinking of this as an after thought. Please like & share:

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So do often wonder, what role and importance does each component of an irrigation system plays? standard

Your not the only one! We often get questions like….Why do I need that? or Why does my system have to have that thingy? Over the next few days I go over a few explanations of why your irrigation system has to have or should have certain components. And also why it is water smart to spend a little extra on the front end to install certain components. VALVES: Valves are the heart of an irrigation system. They open and close to allow water distribution from the irrigation system Please like & share:

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Irrigation Systems Atlanta standard

Looks like everyone is starting to think about their spring landscape plans. If you’re one of those who is just starting to think about this, go ahead and schedule your free estimate for your new irrigation system and get ahead of the game. Please like & share:

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Irrigation Maintenance/ Spring Startup standard

Today was definitely teasing us with the feel of Spring. I hope it had many thinking about Springs startup of you irrigation system. Having your irrigation system’s startup done by a irrigation professional is very important. Your irrigation technician should not only startup your irrigation system, but also make sure that the irrigation system is working properly and make any adjustments needed to be sure that it’s working to it’s peek performance. Please like & share:

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