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So do often wonder, what role and importance does each component of an irrigation system plays? standard

Your not the only one! We often get questions like….Why do I need that? or Why does my system have to have that thingy? Over the next few days I go over a few explanations of why your irrigation system has to have or should have certain components. And also why it is water smart to spend a little extra on the front end to install certain components. VALVES: Valves are the heart of an irrigation system. They open and close to allow water distribution from the irrigation system Please like & share:

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New Install Irrigation System Atlanta standard

If you are thinking about a new irrigation system, stop thinking and get it going. This time of year is excellent to install a new sprinkler system so that come spring you are ready to go. Reading our blog for the first time..and want to get a quote for an highly efficient new irrigation system? Quotes are free so give us a call at the office (770) 461-1776 or (770) 412-1007! Please like & share:

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New Irrigation System Atlanta standard

Right now is the best time to plan and install your new irrigation system in Atlanta. Installation this time of year, particularly while the sod is dormant, will allow the trench lines to cover from the installation when the sod comes out of dormancy. This will provide you with a luxurious green lawn this spring. There will be a rush after the first few warm days of people trying to plan and install irrigation systems as there is every year. I would highly recommend you do this now to beat the rush. Most irrigation companies in Atlanta are running specials for new irrigation system installations and giving free new irrigation system estimates. You will already be ahead of the game ...

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Landscape Lighting Atlanta standard

When considering outdoor lighting, there are many options available: SOLAR LIGHTING-Not recommended. They may be very cost efficient and easy to install but the lighting quality is very low and the duration of lighting is short. HALOGEN LIGHTING-The initial cost is fairly reasonable and the lighting quality is good but the cost difference shows up in your power bill. Also, the bulbs only burn between 2000-5000 hours meaning excessive bulb changing and additional cost for bulbs.There is a little flexibility here as you can add a timer to control light duration. INCANDESCENT-Quality and brightness are good and the installation cost seems to be reasonable. However, like the halogen light bulbs, these will need to be changed often. They only burn ...

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Irrigation Systems Atlanta standard

There are two popular methods of laying pipe for irrigation systems. Most irrigation companies either dig trenches to house irrigation pipes or they use a vibratory plow to pull the pipe underground. While the plow is less disruptive to the landscape and may allow for quicker recovery time, it is not the most stable environment for irrigation pipes. Trenches, on the other hand, provide a more stable environment for the irrigation pipe. Trenching is our preferred method for installing the pipe and this means a longer lasting, lower maintenance irrigation system. Please like & share:

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