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We can help you save money even with an irrigation system! Many people think that hand watering is more efficient than automatic irrigation. That is not true. The majority of the time people overwater even with automatic irrigation systems. We can help you save money in watering costs (Can you believe how expensive water is?) by updating your irrigation system, or adding water efficient products to your irrigation system or simply by checking out your irrigation system and offering our advice on proper watering times. All of these things can save you money!! Please like & share:

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Not all older irrigation systems are fixable. Not all older irrigation systems need to be replaced. A thorough evaluation of your watering needs and irrigation system is necessary to determine if your irrigation system is repairable. It may also come down to a question of cost. In some cases, repairing an older irrigation system may not be cost effective when you compare repair costs with that of a new system, with a warranty. Also, technology in the irrigation industry is so far advanced from even 10 years ago that the actual “watering costs” should also be considered when considering whether to repair, update or  replace an older irrigation system. Please like & share:

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Here’s a tip when getting a new irrigation system in Atlanta: Don’t forget the minimum state requirements of backflow prevention and rain sensors. And on the backflow prevention, make sure you are getting what will provide you with the highest protection for your drinking water. They sound alike but aren’t: ask for a double check device not a dual check device. Please like & share:

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We can not stress enough the importance of having your irrigation system properly maintenance every spring and winter! Neglecting having proper maintenance done on your irrigation system by a qualified irrigation specialist can potentialy cost you lots of money on repairs. If you have made it through a season or two without maintenance of your system and didn’t incure repair cost to get your system back to proper operating condition, consider yourself lucky! Our guys went out today to do a quote for a customer who has neglected proper maintenance for several years. Unfortunately this customer will now incure a costly repair cost to get their system back to peak operating condition. Not to mention the cost to replace trees ...

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Did you know lawn sprinklers and irrigation are the same? Irrigation means “to supply dry land with water…” And that’s what irrigation does using sprinklers which is “a device that sprays water.” I thought these defintions we kinda a cool little fact to know. So sprinklers are what sprays the water to irrigate your dry land! Please like & share:

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