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Irrigation Atlanta #olderirrigationsystems standard

Not all older irrigation systems are fixable. Not all older irrigation systems need to be replaced. A thorough evaluation of your watering needs and irrigation system is necessary to determine if your irrigation system is repairable. It may also come down to a question of cost. In some cases, repairing an older irrigation system may not be cost effective when you compare repair costs with that of a new system, with a warranty. Also, technology in the irrigation industry is so far advanced from even 10 years ago that the actual “watering costs” should also be considered when considering whether to repair, update or  replace an older irrigation system. Please like & share:

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Lawn Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance standard

It is so important that you regularly maintain your irrigation system not only to preserve the integrity of your Please like & share:

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10 Helpful Lawn Irrigation Tips standard

1. Measure the amount of water applied in a 15 minute period using collection devices such as tuna or coffee cans. Adjust the runtime to deliver the required amount. 2. Avoid daily, light watering. 3. Use a screwdriver or soil probe to measure moisture (rainfall + irrigation water) penetration into the lawn. 4. Water to the bottom of the roots. Use a small shovel to determine how deep the roots are. Actually the soil should be kept moist to about half an inch deeper than the deepest roots to encourage downward growth. Roots are shallow in summer and deeper in spring/fall. 5. When watering on a slope, use Please like & share:

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Irrigation Systems standard

Another compliment on our work received by email today. If you need any landscape work, give Mike a call. They also do wonderful work! “Hey Carla. …. Just wanted to drop you a note and say your guys are the best. Chris is a pro and the guys did a great job for us, neat and professional and I would recommend him and his crew anytime. It seems in our line of work we don’t often hear when we do good work only when there’s an issue so I wanted to let you know they do a professional job and I will use your company whenever I need any irrigation work. Thanks again Hope to see you sometime. Mike Cappola ...

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Repair Fees: Service Call Fee vs. Hourly Fees standard

Most irrigation companies in Atlanta charge an hourly fee for services. Some will try to trick the consumer into believing they are not being charged a service call fee when in fact they have a one hour minimum for services that often exceeds our flat rate service fee with no time limitation. When it comes to repair services, choose a contractor or irrigation company in Atlanta with the experience to make proper repairs in a timely fashion who warrants their work. We do all this – check out our website. Please like & share:

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