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Smart Irrigation Atlanta standard

After this weekend’s rain, many areas received over 3 inches. Did you know there are several “smart” irrigation controller options out there that will take in account the rain, wind, temperature, slope, soil type and something we call ET? For the cost of trading out your old, completely time based controller, most people recoup the cost in water savings in one season. Ask about “smart” controller options along with water efficient sprinkler heads which could reduce your watering costs by a whopping 60%!   Please like & share:

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New Irrigation System in Atlanta standard

Be smart and responsible when installing a new irrigation system, updated an older system, or adding on to your existing system. It is irresponsible and dangerous for an irrigation company to NOT install a backflow prevention device on a new irrigation system. The key to prevent contaminants such as fertilizers, pesticides and animal waste is simple…BACKFLOW PREVENTION. Valves are not sufficient to stop backflow and water pressure is not always constant enough to prevent backflow. More counties and cities are setting standards for backflow prevention and they need to. In the last two weeks alone, I’ve seen 6 systems without backflow (installed in the last 5 years) and my techs have seen even more. Don’t gamble with your health. You ...

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10 Helpful Lawn Irrigation Tips standard

1. Measure the amount of water applied in a 15 minute period using collection devices such as tuna or coffee cans. Adjust the runtime to deliver the required amount. 2. Avoid daily, light watering. 3. Use a screwdriver or soil probe to measure moisture (rainfall + irrigation water) penetration into the lawn. 4. Water to the bottom of the roots. Use a small shovel to determine how deep the roots are. Actually the soil should be kept moist to about half an inch deeper than the deepest roots to encourage downward growth. Roots are shallow in summer and deeper in spring/fall. 5. When watering on a slope, use Please like & share:

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New Irrigation System Atlanta standard

If your thinking about a new irrigation system in Atlanta be sure to ask the following questions: how long is my warranty and what does it cover? how long have you been in business? what type of products will you be using? do you provide backflow prevention? do you install a rain sensor? will there be a separate shut-off valve? So many companies don’t take the time to tell you guys about your system and your spending a large sum of money for it so they should. If they don’t ask them! Please like & share:

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New Irrigation Systems standard

Here’s a tip when getting a new irrigation system in Atlanta: Don’t forget the minimum state requirements of backflow prevention and rain sensors. And on the backflow prevention, make sure you are getting what will provide you with the highest protection for your drinking water. They sound alike but aren’t: ask for a double check device not a dual check device. Please like & share:

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