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So you’ve started using your sprinkler system again since the rain has backed off and all of a sudden it won’t stop running. First locate your separate irrigation shut off or or double check backflow preventor which would allow you to turn your system off in the event of a “water” emergency like this. And if you aren’t familar with where these parts are or if you even have them, ask your irrigation professional to show you so that you can avoid an expensive emergency irrigation repair call!! Your only solution if you don’t know or don’t have a shut off (or backflow preventer that shuts off water to your irrigation system) is to shut off the water to your ...

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Irrigation Repair Specialist say Update Your Old System! standard

All irrigation or lawn sprinkler equipment is not the same. As our industry has encouraged water efficiency, manufacturers have also begun manufacturing more water efficient equipment including simple changes including check valves in sprinkler heads and sensors (ET and soil). If your irrigation system is more than 5 years old, the advances since 2010 are quite remarkable and yo could save hundreds with a few minor tweaks to your lawn sprinkler system.

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Install Irrigation: After the install… standard

A Warranty is typically given for a period of time on new irrigation installations but if the irrigation company that installs your system can’t back up the Warranty then it’s useless to you. We receive many calls each week from customers who cannot locate the company that installed their sprinkler system. They were promised a warranty and the company is no longer in business or not reachable. This is tip #12 because it is going to save you money in the long run if you have problems and an irrigation professional will provide good service after the sale including resolution of problems that may arise as well as tweaking your system to ensure that your irrigation system is working at ...

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