It’s either raining for days or not. There is no in between right now in North Georgia. Irrigation is meant to supplement rainfall so it is at times like this that it becomes more important to remember that fact. If you aren’t sure how much watering you should be doing just ask us in the comments section of this post on FB and we’ll let you know (1″ per week for example). Typically, 1″ of water is “about right.” However, you may have unique features to your landscape that may change that.
You can also rely on one of the many smart watering controllers (clocks) or sensors to assist in watering your lawn precisely how much and when it needs it. If you want to know more about these type of options, just give us a call. The cost of most smart controllers is recouped in water savings in the summer months. A sensor addition can pay for it’s self almost right away.

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