There are many steps that go into having a new irrigation system installed. Before the actual work begins and you are trying to select the right contractor for your needs, you need to ask the following questions:

1-BACKFLOW DEVICE: Ask the contractor if they install a double check back flow or a dual check back flow device? (Remember we have determined that the dual check back flow does not allow for proper protection from contaminants).
2-WINTERIZATION VALVE: Ask if they install a winterization or “blow out” valve. (Millenium installs a brass hose bib to use for winterizing or blowing out your irrigation system.)
3-WARRANTY: How long is it? Does it cover materials and workmanship? Is the warranty in writing?
4-COVERAGE: And lastly, make sure to ask if your new irrigation system will provide 100% coverage (also known as head to head coverage). Your system should be designed in accordance with the Irrigation Association’s standards which provide 100% coverage.

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