We are often asked about drip irrigation when doing new irrigation system quotes. The water conservation movement has often promoted drip irrigation as being the most efficient form of irrigating. Here’s the Pros and Cons:

1. Drip is rated with efficiency at 90%.
2. Drip does prevent water lost due to wind and evaporation.
3. BUT It is difficult to know for certain your drip irrigation is working properly, particularly the emitters (if any).
4. Drip systems (other than subsurface) are placed on the surface and often unappealling. Covering drip irrigation with pine straw often creates more problems than it solves and covering drip irrigation lines with mulch or something similar, is an absolute no no.
5. Drip irrigation is subjected to more problems caused from animals to the weather.
The efficiency of a drip system is approximately 90%

In many cases, drip is a great solution for your landscape. However, with the increasing development of more efficient irrigation products, your irrigation contractor may recommend something different and equally efficient.

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