The one upgrade you can make to your #irrigationsystem this year is to upgrade your controller, or clock as it is commonly called. With the ever evolving technology, many of the older controllers won’t work with many of the new, water efficient components available.

The addition of a Smart Controller is where you should start. And in most cases, the cost of the new controller is recouped in the first watering season in savings. Smart controllers use not only weather data (humidity, temp, etc) but also soil type, slope or the lay of the land, shade & sun exposure, etc. All these things help determine how much water you need or don’t need. With all the information put together by your irrigation contractor, the controller is so “smart” it figures how much water is needed and waters that much. And don’t be afraid! Once all this information is input by your qualified irrigation professional, you will find using a Smart Irrigation Controller just as easy to use as any other controller.

We have a client in Atlanta that got a smart controller 2 seasons ago, she was concerned about learning to use it since she’d had her other controller for about 7-8 years. We showed her what she needed to know and now she tells us how easy it is to use and she’s seen a water savings of about 20% since changing over.

Smart Irrigation Controllers are definitely the future!

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