Yesterday, we told you why matched precip rates were important for #irrigation. Today a simple definition provided by Hunter Industries of what matched precipitation rates are:

A system or zone in which all the heads have similar precipitation rates is said to have matched precipitation rates.

Irrigation Systems designed with matched precipitation rates provide proper uniformity of water from each head. It sounds complicated. It can be but for our purposes let’s make it simple. Take a square. Put a sprinkler head on each corner and one in the center. If the center head is going 360 degrees the rest is only going 90 degrees correct? If the corner heads precipitation rate in gallons per minute is 1.5 gpm then the center head’s rate should match appropriately for uniformity. 90 x 4 = 360 so 1.5 x 4 = 6 gpm right? Right! a 6 gpm nozzle would provide Distribution Uniformity which is a measure of efficiency in the irrigation industry. Do you understand the logic of why this works this way? If not, I’ll explain more on our blog tomorrow.

Obstacles, slope, soil type, along with weather and other factors come into play so don’t think this “simple” scenario will work for you and run out and try to design your own DIY irrigation system. Irrigation is NEVER usually this simple. We rarely get into perfectly square irrigation systems (or zones even) but this at least gives you a chance to understand better why this is important.

This is another reason why an educated, knowledgable irrigation professional can be beneficial to you. Knowing how to put irrigation pipe in the ground is one thing. It’s another to do it correctly and provide you with a system that is water efficient. Design is the most important component of your #newirrigationsystem.

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