Incandescent light bulb phaseout began Jan. 1….The standards require light bulbs be at least 25% more efficient and carry labels on the front and back of packages to explain their brightness, annual operating costs and expected life span.
The labels apply to all light bulbs made or imported after Jan. 1, but the efficiency standards apply only to traditional 100-watt incandescents on that day. The efficiency rules began applying to the old-fashioned 75-watt bulb in January and 40- and 60-watt bulbs in January 2014.
The incandescent that Thomas Alva Edison invented is notoriously inefficient. It wastes 90% of its energy as heat rather than light, which is why it’s so hot when in use.
Why am I telling you all this? When considering outdoor lighting for your home, we recommend highly efficient LEDs. In fact, I went through my entire person home at one point gradually changing all my light bulbs to LEDs and saw my power bill reduced by about 18%.
Not only do LED bulbs use less energy but the color is better too. This is particularly true in outdoor applications.

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