Yesterday I was heading to a #Christmas function just south of Atlanta. I stopped at a major grocery store chain’s gas pumps. As I pulled in, in a pretty good downpour, my son and I noticed the sprinklers were going off. I’d like to think that a large company such as this one would follow all the ‘rules’ regarding rain sensors – so in making that assumption – it is important that your rain sensor be placed in an area free of obstructions so that it is able to work properly and to ensure your #irrigationsystem will stop running when it senses rain. State requirements are to have a rain sensor nowadays so if a contractor offers to cut corners or reduce costs by not installing a rain sensor, I would wonder what other inexpensive “corners” might be cut during the installation of your new irrigation system. In the long run, your time in having to manage your irrigation system and the cost of wasted water would definitely be more than the rain sensor itself in just the first year.

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