A recent review from a customer confirms what we always we knew, OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE OUR FLAT TASK PRICING. Why? No worrying about what the bill might be – it’s predictable. No standing over the technician or worrying about getting charged a crazy hourly rate when they spend time on the phone or piddling around. In order to offer flat task pricing for #irrigationrepairs, you have to have the knowledge and confidence to repair any irrigation system problem. Not only that, we offer a 90 day warranty on any repairs and back the manufacturer’s warranty on any products installed. You can’t ask for better than that when it comes to irrigation service in Atlanta.

“I would give Millenium 10 stars if I could. Chris was great. He explained everything to me and was very knowledgable. I LOVE the flat task pricing. It was easy to understand and I could go about my business without worrying how much my bill would be. If he was there 4 hours or 45 minutes, it didn’t matter to me. And I wish more service companies offered this method of charging. It certainly helped me out and I was able to budget for additional work for the spring. Millenium is the best company I’ve ever dealt with in any field. Thank you guys so much.” – R. Arnold, McDonough

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