Well I took off for a few days to visit family in Florida. Yesterday, the weather was awesome! Today raining cats & dogs — so we took off to run errands and help my Aunt purchase a new computer. Driving into Destin, low and behold, IN THE DRIVING RAIN – sprinklers, running at a fast food establishment. Then, about the time I got over that – we were heading back through Destin. A GOLF COURSE was watering while it was pouring down raining. In fact, they had more than an inch of rain here on the Florida Gulf Coast just today.

I know you all get tired of me preaching about a simple rain sensor but this is why. What a waste of water, whether from a well or the county. And of all places, a golf course. Tomorrow, if the sun shines, my guess is you will need golashes to play golf instead of golf shoes!

Make the tiny investment into a rain sensor for water’s sake!

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