I am reminded after a call today about an irrigation system that we had to completely re-wire that was put in by a builder that used improper wiring for the whole system. I’ve seen many things in my years but telephone wire for irrigation wire is a first. I’m sure there was a logic but we believe at Millenium Irrigation that you do things the right way not the half way.

Proper irrigation wire gauge and burying is essential to the longevity of an irrigation system. As I said in one of my previous blogs, irrigation systems are targets for electrical surges. Improper wiring almost guarantees problems down the line. Unfortunately, we are seeing this more and more as the cost of wire has increased substantially in the last 5 years.

Any true irrigation professional will use the correct products and not cut corners such as this when installing your new irrigation system. If a corner is cut now, in the future, I almost guarantee it will cost you in the long run and likely in one big monetary hit.

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