Our campaign to encourage people to add a rain sensor and proper backflow prevention is paying off. Once people take the time to think about the safety aspect of the irrigation backflow prevention and the cost savings of the rain sensor, it become a very easy decision.

A proper backflow prevention device will prevent irrigation water (including fertilizers, dog waste, etc.) from inter-mixing back into your drink water source (i.e. county water supply). Without proper backflow prevention, it is a real possibility that your irrigation water and seepage from your lawn can mix in with your drinking water. Not only should you have a proper backflow prevention device, you should encourage your neighbors to do the same if they have an irrigation system.

After this weekend’s rain, a rain sensor would’ve prevented you from having to remember to turn off your irrigation system. A rain sensor is a very inexpensive add on to your existing irrigation system and will not only save you time, but money.

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