Today we finished a Hunter irrigation system install in Smyrna and this customer was referred to us by another customer who we did multiple projects for a couple of years ago.

It seems crazy to ask “why” did you refer them to us but I always wonder. No, I didn’t ask. He told me that it was our ‘service after the sale.’

He said he picked us two years ago because he felt that we would provide the best service short term and long term.

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Key word for me was ‘long term.’ Service after the completion of any project means a lot to me personally so as a business owner we go by the theory of ‘treat customers how you would want to be treated.’

In the world of irrigation installations and sprinkler repairs in Atlanta, we hear a lot from customers about I used so and so last year but can’t find them. Or someone put my irrigation system in two years ago and won’t help me with my problem or won’t return my calls.

At Millenium Irrigation, LLC,

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