Are you really wanting a new irrigation system but want to “side step” to get the system in a certain budget? By “side step” I mean saying “can we skip the rain sensor?” “Do I really need a doublecheck backflow preventor?” “Can I buy the parts to save money?” All really good questions or concerns but the state requires backflow prevention and a rain sensor. Do you need a double check backflow preventor – yes. A dual check, while much cheaper, is not meant to be used in a potentially toxic situation (i.e., fertilizer backflow) and is not testable. Rain Sensor – yes – the state requires it – period. Sure you can also buy the parts but there are warranty issues with that which a contractor will not be able to help you with. A properly designed and installed irrigation system with proper components will ensure you a healthy landscape and save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Don’t skimp – you’ll pay for it later.

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