A DIY homeowner is trying to figure out why his sprinkler heads are leaking when they are at the lowest point AND he has water near his valve also at a low spot. First, his irrigation installer did him a disservice by not addressing these things in the design. I know I keep preaching about proper irrigation design and this is why. Now this guy has a $1200 water bill. I made a couple of suggestions to him. He’s already replaced his valve once. I told him to try Hunter 1-20s if the grade wasn’t more than 10′ difference and maybe a different Hunter valve.
Also, I had to mention to him how water works in mysterious ways sometimes. His valve could be fine and maybe he has a leak flowing down to his valve. I’ve seen way stranger things.
So again, be sure to chose wisely, chose effectively and water efficiently. Proper design of a new irrigation system is essential.

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