When considering outdoor lighting, there are many options available:

SOLAR LIGHTING-Not recommended. They may be very cost efficient and easy to install but the lighting quality is very low and the duration of lighting is short.

HALOGEN LIGHTING-The initial cost is fairly reasonable and the lighting quality is good but the cost difference shows up in your power bill. Also, the bulbs only burn between 2000-5000 hours meaning excessive bulb changing and additional cost for bulbs.There is a little flexibility here as you can add a timer to control light duration.

INCANDESCENT-Quality and brightness are good and the installation cost seems to be reasonable. However, like the halogen light bulbs, these will need to be changed often. They only burn about 750-2000 hours.

LED-Highly recommended. The quality and brightness are excellent and the energy cost is very good. The installation is a little more costly but with 30,000-50,000 hours of light from the bulbs, you could go years without changing a single bulb. You will also not see an outrageous spike in your electric bill as LED bulbs use less power than halogen or incandescent lights.

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