Well folks, the first day of summer proved itself right! The heat is on and I have seen many a dry yard with the lack of rain we are having around here. What is the best way to supplement rainfall for your landscape? Why it’s an irrigation system of course! The heat and strong sun are going to require more time watering in order to keep your landscape healthy and lush. Are you still dragging around one sprinkler and fifty feet of garden hose in this 90 degree weather? One of the greatest advantages to having an irrigation system is freedom. That’s right…freedom. Your system will be programmed to water specific areas in your landscape for a certain amount of time on days that you specify. That means…more time fishing,vacationing, spending time with your family, pursuing other hobbies or just hanging out in the air conditioning. However you decide to spend your free time, with an irrigation system you can mark self-watering off of your to-do list! #newirrigationsystem

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