“Low-voltage outdoor lighting most often means halogen lights (though other light sources are sometimes incorporated when a color shift is desired). Low-voltage halogen lighting is almost always an excellent choice:

Low voltage offers safety benefits over line voltage.
Low-voltage lights can be installed affordably.
Well-designed low-voltage systems will almost always use substantially less energy than standard line voltage.
The halogen bulbs offer an attractive light that portrays surroundings in their true colors.
Halogen bulbs offer the brightness and directional capabilities needed.
Halogen bulbs provide a relatively long bulb life.

LED outdoor lighting produces excellent results and energy savings

Only very recently have technological advances made LEDs suitable for outdoor lighting applications (and there are still many inferior, older-technology fixtures on the market). However, the new advanced fixtures make LEDs a very attractive option for those willing to make the additional investment. (Unfortunately, LEDs are very high in price, though it is possible to recoup the additional cost in energy savings over 5 to 12 years.)


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