Here is some information on one of our favorites-The Rainbird Smart Controller

The Rainbird smart controller is simple to program and engineered to save valuable time, money and water.
The ease and speed with which you can program a site is remarkable. Simply input a few key specifics, such as zip code, allowed watering days and the
plant/soil type for each zone; the ESP-SMT does the rest. Your irrigation system waters only when the landscape requires it and you save 30-70 percent in water!

A Smart Controller should be smart enough to account for rainfall, right? Not always. In fact, most Smart Controllers simply suspend irrigation during rain events, without accurately measuring rainfall. By comparison, the ESP-SMT not only suspends irrigation, it measures instantaneous rainfall data, determining
effective rainfall and calculating a net replacement value. The ESP-SMT knows exactly how much to adjust your watering schedule, preventing under- or over-watering.

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