Anytime someone comes to your house to fix something-appliances, air conditioning, and even your irrigation system you will incur an hourly service fee. Though I am a business person, I want to shed some light on this as a consumer as well. We all have things that break down from time to time and we need someone to fix it. Recently, my refrigerator quite working. I had my neighbor look at it but we still couldn’t figure it out. Turns out it was a bad part that had to be replaced. I was charged an hourly service fee when the technician came out to fix the problem then the part had to be ordered and the technician had to come back. Happens a lot right? They don’t know what is wrong until they look at it-and irrigation is the same way. Technicians have to physically look at a system to precisely determine what is wrong and to be able to fix it correctly. Just be sure to find out about service fees up front so there are no surprises and be sure to ask if the fee is hourly or flat. #irrigationservicefees

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