As we have recently had a few inquiries about irrigation system leaks, I thought I would talk about it today. We have had a few customers call and inquire about the cost to repair a leak over the phone. We are hesitant to provide estimates over the phone because from the office, we cannot see the leak and our technicians can’t either. Leaks are a situation that require someone to look at the system to see exactly where the problem lies. It could be a number of things and sometimes multiple issues are found upon inspection. You may have a head leaking-it could be just a nozzle or you may need the entire head replaced. You have a leak and there is a definite wet spot on the ground in your yard-It could be a broken pipe or it may be a leaking valve that needs replacing…or both. And even this situation that sounds cut and dry is not as there could very well be other issues that have either caused or are attached to this issue. #irrigationsystemleaks

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