In most places, it’s the law to have a backflow device in place for your irrigation system. The law will usually dictate which backflow prevention device provides the proper protection and will enforce that regular inspections be made to the system to ensure proper functioning of the device. We use what is called a double-check backflow prevention device as this is typically what is required when a county or municipality sets a standard. The reason being is that this type of backflow is easily tested and provides the most effective contamination prevention. You may have also heard of a “dual-check” backflow but it is not the same as as double check device. The dual check backflows are used in situations that are not toxic and as we learned yesterday, your irrigation water is considered toxic. Your irrigation contractor should know how to provide you with the best protection against drinking water contamination. If your contractor has not mentioned a backflow prevention device for your irrigation system, you may want to check them out. A responsible contractor will make sure you are fully protected. #irrigationbackflows

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