Yesterday we mentioned two types of back flow prevention. What is that you ask? Here’s the scoop: A back flow device on your irrigation system is the key to prevent contamination. Your landscape has all kinds of things in it that could make you sick or worse if you drink them. These “things” are toxic chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste. They can and will come back up your irrigation pipes if you don’t stop them. If you have a well, they can go down into the well and contaminate everyone else’s drinking water. Valves alone are not sufficient enough to stop back flow from occurring. At Millenium Irrigation, we always use a double-check back flow device. This is not the same as a “dual-check” back flow device so don’t be fooled. Dual-check back flows are typically used in non-toxic situations. The soil contaminants in your lawn can be toxic, so a dual-check back-flow device doesn’t provide the same protection. A double-check back flow device can be tested and provides the most effective prevention of contamination.

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