We haven’t had a very cold winter yet but it could still happen. If your irrigation system hasn’t been winterized it could be fine but if we have consistent colder weather you may find that you have some problems when spring gets here. I would suggest that you be proactive in your pursuit of irrigating your lawn and either DIY spring start-up and check it out or call a certified irrigation contractor to do a complete run-through on your irrigation system. Doing this will eliminate huge repair bills later for irrigation repairs. I know that irrigation repair in Atlanta can be expensive and a spring start-up check could potentially save you hundreds of dollars later in the watering season. Find an irrigation company in Atlanta that has the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose existing irrigation system problems as well as the ability to see potential problems in the making. Not only will you save in repair bills later but you could save a lot of money in water bills from an improper irrigation system. If you need information on a DIY spring start-up, post your questions here on our blog. The basic checkup is not difficult but can be time consuming for the average person. To determine potential problems definitely requires the expertise of an irrigation company in Atlanta.

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